Blockchain transfers made simple

Our decentralized solution allows for easy Blockchain transfers, Using your phone number, e-mail address, or name


Send BITCOIN or even RAVENCOIN to family and friends

Send and Receive instantly your Crypto-Currencies Using your Name, Email Address or Phone Number.

Make every day better with Stibits® - a fast, safe and easy way


Stibits allows everyone to send and receive Digital Money by using their human profile

Tools for third party Apps, Wallet and Exchanges

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Our Rest Api provides rich information for developers to integrating

Send/Receive your
Crypto currencies with ease

Works with the worlds most popular Crypto Currencies, Accept payments from anyone at any time.

Send and request money in seconds

Instantly send and request money using an email only with the touch of a button.

Global, Fast, Secure

Receive funds direclty to your human profile. No lengthly adresses to copy and paste.

Ready to start sending and receiving crypto currencies?

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Stibits different than other wallets?
“Stibits is a decentralized Blockchain based interactive dashboard that provides easy control for both sending and receiving different crypto currencies. An interactive social dashboard that creates a bridge to all existing crypto currencies enabling users to connect, consume, create and distribute finances in a way that gives each user ultimate control over their information, privacy, and data encryption.

Stibits eliminates the problem of lengthy address by associating the public key with a user’s profile so that crypto currency can be easily exchanged amongst users by simply sending funds through email address, name, or phone number, making it easier for the less technical users to comfortably use crypto currencies.”
Will Stibits hold my crypto currency or assets?
“Stibits does not hold your cryptocurrency or assets. Stibits associates your keys with your profile allowing for the ability to send and receive your own funds to another Stibits user using their profile or anyone on your contact list.

You no longer need to copy and paste long lengthy addresses. Your profile is your address. Stibits is designed to allow everyone to send and receive funds in a matter of seconds. This all occurs seamlessly, and intituivley, while at the same time remaining decentralized.”

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Instead of addresses
Use your phone number, e-mail address, or name